Presentation during the Seminar with MBA students in SEMCOM

Q. What do you understand by foreign language? What is benefit to learning a foreign language?

Ans: A foreign language is a language indigenous to another country. It is also a language not spoken in the native country of the person referred to. For e.g. For Indian people, Chinese is a foreign language as Indian people totally unaware of that language and that is not widely practiced in our country.

Though Foreign language is not really related to our country or place but still learning a foreign language can be beneficial for us. Knowing more and more foreign language can help in global context specially in dealing international business. We are living in the era of globalization and it has enable everyone to achieve their goal in any possible context. However, language may interrupt the success in any aspect either in business or other fields. So, it is important to overcome cultural and linguistic barrier to create an effective communication environment for achieving your goal up to the fullest. Globalization and effective international business can help in bridging the economy and global people under one roof. And this is why, understanding different cultures and languages is important for every individual. Learning foreign language is the best way to learn other's culture, way of living, customs, habits and the people.

Learning a foreign language can help you to convince yourself to take the plunge in the ocean of languages. Some reasons are practical, some related with aspiration, some intellectual and others sentimental, but whatever your reasons may be, having a clear idea of why you want to learn a language can help you motivate yourself for studies.

Q: How foreign language could weapon for your achievement? How foreign language can help to SEMCOM students?

Ans: Foreign language could be weapon for your achievement in life in many way. If you are a multi lingual, then there will immense demand for you in various MNCs. Knowing several foreign languages could open door of hug opportunities in your career life. Today, due to the global recession, many countries have been hit by the economic slowdown. Consequently, many financially sound MNC’s around the world have been encouraged to expand their business and prevail globally. Surprisingly, Many of the MNC’s are from that part of the world, where English is a secondary language. With most of them investing in India, a high demand for multi foreign language speakers has emerged in the country.

In the process of dealing international business in India, language can be the core barrier in effective communication. In the current era of globalization and industrialization, effective communication is hugely essential for successful dealing. Everyone should be comfortable while talking with another person whether he is from our own country or from abroad. Knowledge of at least one foreign language is the demand and need of rapidly changing time.

Thus, it is clear that career in foreign languages is a good choice for a bright future. In fact this is one of most sought after career today's young generations. Due to amazing scope of foreign language courses, they are gaining tremendous popularity among the people. Knowledge of foreign language is considered as an additional qualification. Once the individual gets trained in foreign languages, many job opportunities in different fields are waiting for him. The employment options are available in teaching, diplomatic services, travel and tourism, air hostesses and flight stewards, interpreters, translators in Government sectors, industries and Research Organizations, in hotels, multi-national companies and as Public Relation Officers. India has many well-established international companies including offshore companies. These companies require foreign language expertise for transactions, reporting and translation of documents.

The typical profile expected from future business leaders fully reflects the demands of the globalised world. English language graduates find a good job more easily than others. Knowledge of European Language in particular improves one's chances on the job market. Many European companies abroad, and many foreign companies in Europe and companies with close links to European-speaking countries look for employees with language skills.

In spite of all the current economic difficulties in Europe, we are now, thanks to the Government's reform policies, well on the way to overcoming our economic weakness. India is still the most important trading partner for almost all the European countries and many countries outside Europe. A person who speaks European will be able to communicate better with business partners in the world's third-biggest economy and one of the foremost exporting countries.

There could be many other benefit of learning language

  • If you are going for business and you know foreign languages like French and Spanish language you can deal with the approx 75 countries client who are using those languages.
  • You can get the opportunity to work in companies of countries native to those languages as you are well aware with their culture and language.
  • You can share your views directly with client of native speaker of those foreign languages as you will have knowledge of several foreign languages.
  • It will create a very positive impression if you talk with client in their own language.

Here are few of opinions on languages given by some experts and scholars:

  • A different language is a different vision of life. “ - Federico Fellini, Italian film director
  • A foreign language could be weapon for get the better job opportunities.’’ Vidhan jha Language expert

Foreign company is even looking a people who have foreign language expertise which could be easy for them to communicate to understand their work environment and culture. As per many survey there would be 160000 job in foreign language in upcoming years.

If any company will set up their branch in india and transfer their technology to india, then, there will be a requirement of a language expert who can speak their language else they require a interpreter. But again interpreter could only be the media but not transfter the feeling and can not build the strong relationship. For all those language expertise could be the weapon to get the job to get the promotion to get the appreciation.

World is becoming smaller and european comapny is transferring their process to transfer thier process all the document should be translated in english you can play a role of process lead if you know the language else you need a translator who will translate all those document then you can go through the same.

If you know foreign languages then you can play a vital role in setting up machinieries of a company and you wll be highly appreciated for you great job. Or else, there will be requirement for interpreter. Knwoldg on foreign languag made easy to set up all machinieries and it is in fact beneficial for you to foster strong relationship with the organisation.

You can learn from a perfect and professional institute of foreign languages institute. There were dearth of language learning centre in Gujarat. But establishment of fully professional and perfect learning centre INTRAWORD has finally filling this gap. There you can learn all the major foreign languages under one roof. Due to economy slowdown in the Europe and other countries they has start moving to Asia where India is the prime location and Gujarat is going to be prime location in India.

Intraword encourages a corporate environment and is diversified into teaching foreign languages including French, German, Spanish,chinese,japanese,portoguese and Italian under one roof by skilled professionals who have undergone practical scenarios.


If you know one or more language other than your native languages then you can preferably can get the job in TCS, GENPACT, IBM, ORACLE, WIPRO, HP and many other companies where BPO, KPO and LPO exist for each companies they require business professional and for European process they require European language expert professional. You can play a dual role so if you know both means you have an extra weapon you can get a job easily than others who don’t know the language and you can get the better package.

Gaining an additional language or foreign languages is like having a great asset with you. It does not matter what is your academic score level if you have knowledge on various foreign languages. You might have score less than others. But Company will definitely prefer you because you have an extra knowledge which can help company to play a dual role.

For learning foreign languages, you can any of major languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian. F you are dreaming for working in abroad and have learn language like French, German, Spanish, and etc. Then it is sure that your dream will be fulfilled. French is used as the official language of 22 countries and is the co-official language of several others, including Belgium, Canada, Haiti, Madagascar, and Switzerland.

German is the most commonly spoken language in Europe with approximately 120 million native speakers. It is also the official language of important trading nations like Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France and Luxembourg.

Spanish language is the third most widely spoken language in the world following to Mandarin Chinese and English. As per survey conduct in 2010, it is scrutinizes that around 350 million people in the world speak Spanish as their native language.

Italian is a romance language spoken by around 63 million people in Italy and 62 million people throughout the world including parts of Switzerland, So you can do business in above countries and you can get a job easily you can build a cultural relation if you are business owner you can expand your business ,you can understand their culture.

Generally a MBA people in Gujarat getting 8-12 k per month as a starting salary but if you have language expertise you can get 20-30k per month .you can make the difference. if you want to be one step ahead in your career you need do something different ,in which one can chosen one foreign language. You can enhance your abilities by learning more and more additional foreign language to shine more in your career. Thereby, MBA students from SEMCOM now understood the importance of foreign language in enhancing one's career and why it s important from them.

-- By Vidhan Jha