Indo European Cultural Centre is only Indian Non government organization which formed to serve European and Indian people. It basically promotes Euro-Indian culture to foster a bonding mutual mélange among the two communities. The prime aim of IECC is to bridge the gap of cultural, communication among the Indian and European culture. IECC NGO is basically started to the Indian and European cultures to spread awareness about different cultures in India. We primarily aimed at spreading awareness about the various culture of the India as well as world.

The organization is working to provide the opportunity to learn and understand the language and culture of Indo-European the communities among the people of the both the communities. We at European house are trying to fill the gap of communication among the people. We are also trying to spread the knowledge on authentic European culture, their way of living, food habits, activities and so on and so forth among Indian people and vice versa. We strongly believe that by taking such step, we would be able to erase all the major challenges and barrier face by European in India. And on the other hand, Indian people would also able to welcome them with full of zeal and the way they deserve.

Numerous numbers of European companies are settling their offices in Indian and also outsourcing some processes here. Thus inflow of European people are also increasing immensely and eventually need of such NGO are also increasing who can play as helping hand in facing all major barriers and obstacles. Likewise in national level, establishment of European companies in Gujarat are also raising n huge numbers. Keeping these things in mind, we have decided to open NGO for Indo- European people who will help them to survive in India socially at one end and understanding western culture and welcoming them at another end.

We are playing the middle man to united and fostering a strong relationship among the both communities. We at IECC organize free Language class for Indian and European both so European can enjoy Indian Culture. Beside conducting language classes, we are also paying attention to organize seminar and cultural event to make familiar with the European culture among Indians. Moreover, we are trying to promote School and college to include European language in their Syllabus. IECC are also actively involved in conducting event which pass message for European language benefits, organize weekly film festival, learn with fun activities, weekly MEET-TOGETHER function where all member can meet they can feel like home and can enjoy their food, culture and habit. These events are specially organized with aim to get insight into Indian culture and vice versa. This will definitely will be able raise the concept of international integration to some extent.

We are also organizing various award function to encourage different masses. And this time we are going to organize an Educational Excellence Award function. The functional will be held on January 2012 in Vadodara, Gujarat. We are primarily aiming to encourage the younger soul of India by felicitation for their academic achievement.