INDO- European Cultural Centre is an impartial non-profit organization that encourages and helps European people in India who basically resides here or come here for travel or business purpose. It is obvious that European people find various difficulties during their staying period in India. Problems are such as communication problem, adjustment, disparity in culture, community, food habit and many more. We at IECC are here to help and minimize their problems and difficulties.

IECC's intermingle oriented programs are designed to build strong and long lasting relationship with European and Indians. IECC NGO is basically started to the Indian and European cultures to spread awareness about different cultures in India. We primarily aimed at spreading awareness about the various culture of the India as well as world.

We are proud for being the only Indian NGO who serves European people including Indian to bridge the gap between the two. Since last few decades, we have witnessed that various European companies are rapidly growing in Indian market and thereby flowing of European People to India are hugely increasing. Many of them, also come India for spending holidays and so on. But they often faces various challenges to survive in India. One of the major problem is the Communication problem. Keeping this in mind, we at IECC have come up with special program for learning language.

Our free language classes aims to spread cultural awareness. Our free language classes are designed for both Indian and European and this will enhance the relation between the both the communities. Besides language classes, we are also organizing seminar, cultural event, weekly events of film festival, cooking competition, theatre programs which will in turn allows people of both the nations to mingled with one another socially and emotionally. These events are specially organized with aim to get insight into Indian culture and vice versa. This will definitely raise the concept of international integration to some extent.

We are also organizing various award function to encourage different masses. And this time we are going to organize an Educational Excellence Award function. The functional will be held on 29th Feburary 2012 in Vadodara, Gujarat. We are primarily aiming to encourage the younger soul of India by felicitation for their academic achievement.